Getting immediate feedback from the Universe

Spiritual awareness arrives faster than ever these days. Part of this acceleration is getting feedback from Spirit immediately – particularly if we do or say something out of alignment with our spiritual path.

Last week I commented to a friend that I was pleasantly surprised at how grounded I had stayed throughout my mother’s treatments for lung cancer. Less than an hour later, I found myself becoming more and more ungrounded from an unexpected set of circumstances. The Universe heard my statement and quickly gave me reason to reconsider. Perhaps I wasn’t as grounded as I thought! Over the next several days, I meditated and went for several walks in nature to help reground myself.

Whenever we receive direct, immediate feedback from the Universe, it’s a clue to pay attention. By pointing out a limiting belief, habitual pattern or untruth, Spirit brings us the information we need to move forward on our spiritual path in alignment with our soul.

Reflect back over the last several weeks. Do you recall getting immediate feedback from the Universe? What were the circumstances? What was it pointing to?

If it has happened more than once, pay attention to any patterns. Which of the situations have similar energy? What limiting belief or habitual pattern might Spirit want you to notice?


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